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First-rate’s finishing.
We compromise to accomplish the timelines.
Colors with excellent gloss and durability.

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We are connected, closer to our costumers.


The satisfaction of our customers is our main objective.

  • S/Y Perinni Navi Grouop

    S/Y Perinni Navi Grouop (43mts)

    Fibra Náutica is the best professional company we know so far, the parch system in metal colours are exceptional. Also, they make their own tents.

  • M/Y Canados 116

    M/Y Canados 116 (34mts)

    I do the antifouling with them every year and always it’s a very good job. I also paint the propeller and shaft because they are the ones who apply Propspeed paint.

  • S/Y Marcelo Penna One Off

    S/Y Marcelo Penna One Off (25mts)

    Although I’m a demanding person, I have to say that the repainting they did to my hull in a metallic colour was impeccable. Thank you so much Fibra Náutica!

  • M/Y Ferretti Custom Line 112

    M/Y Ferretti Custom Line 112 (35mts)

    I’ve been working with Fibra Náutica since I own my yacht. With them I did interior refit, big paining jobs and antifouling before summer season. FIbra Náutica are always ready to help you, they are fast and the quality of the finish are excellent.

  • Vip Yachting Services

    Vip Yachting Services

    We worked with Fibra Náutica in many occasions, their job is incredible, especially in pint finish and antifouling. They’ve always very punctual and that’s why we want to work with them.

  • M/Y Amer 116

    M/Y Amer 116 (34mts)

    We did many parches in our fiberglass hull because it was very damaged. We are very happy with the result. Parches don’t have marks and you forget where they are!

  • S/Y Nauta 78

    S/Y Nauta 78 (24mts)

    We never worked with Fibra Náutica before till our friend recommended them. We had to make very big parches and polish the whole hull. We were worried because the colour of our hull is dark and parches are more visible in dark colours. The results were amazing!

  • M/Y Astondoa 102

    M/Y Astondoa 102

    I’m impressed with the antifouling job they did to my vessel. I didn’t paint it for a long time and the damaged was obvious. It finished like a new one. The stern is like a mirror! Thanks to the team!

  • S/Y Dehler 36 (embarcación competición)

    S/Y Dehler 36 (embarcación competición) (12mts)

    I’ve been in competition for many years and I always did the antifouling airless with Fibra Náutica. It is a brilliant job. I normally win the races I do after its application!



    Congratulations Fibra Náutica team! It is the first time I have worked with them and I am surprised about how impeccable the boat is. The work of the patches are perfect, I am amazed! And the treatment given was outstanding! I will repeat next year with any doubt.



    Fast, clean and efficient. Very good job.


    M/Y PERIYACHTS 37 (37mts)

    “I would like to thank you for your amazing work on my boat with short time notice.
    I will highly recommend your company to all my colleges on yacht industry and every time that my boat needs some paint or fiberglass jobs, I will definitely contact you.
    Once again, thank you so much for everything.”

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