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M/Y NAUMACHOS 82 (24 m)

This boat built by Naumachos in 2008, was completely repainted on the outside. Reparation works and filler processes were carried out to later paint the hull, superstructure and radars of the ship. The entire painting process was carried out with paint from the AWLGRIP brand. The underwater body was blasted and properly treated to guarantee long-lasting protection.

reparacion-barcos naumacho-01a
reparacion-barcos naumacho-02
reparacion-barcos naumacho-03
reparacion-barcos naumacho-04
reparacion-barcos naumacho-05
reparacion-barcos naumacho-06
reparacion-barcos naumacho-07
reparacion-barcos naumacho-08
reparacion-barcos naumacho-09
reparacion-barcos naumacho-10
reparacion-barcos naumacho-11
reparacion-barcos naumacho-12
reparacion-barcos naumacho-13
reparacion-barcos naumacho-14
reparacion-barcos naumacho-15
reparacion-barcos naumacho-16
reparacion-barcos naumacho-17
reparacion-barcos naumacho-18
reparacion-barcos naumacho-19
reparacion-barcos naumacho-20
reparacion-barcos naumacho-21
reparacion-barcos naumacho-22
reparacion-barcos naumacho-23
reparacion-barcos naumacho-24
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